Newspaper headlines: Trump backs Boris and Sir Philip charged

Newspaper headlines: Trump backs Boris and Sir Philip charged

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The front of the Sun features a smiling Donald Trump and the headline: “I back Boris.” Other Tory leadership hopefuls have asked for his support, he tells the paper. The US President was speaking ahead of his UK visit.

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Downing Street has banned Nigel Farage from meeting Mr Trump on the visit, the Daily Express reports. Its front carries a photo of Sir Philip Green, who faces US misdemeanour assault charges after a fitness instructor said he inappropriately touched her. Sir Philip denies the claims.

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The Guardian also devotes part of its front page to the charges against Sir Philip, but its lead story is about a female Islamic State captive who has helped the CIA track down the group’s fugitive leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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The i leads with a vow from climate activists to blockade Heathrow on 18 June unless plans to build a third runway there are cancelled. Protesters have been told they face life behind bars if they fly drones over the airport, the paper reports.

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Only Fools and Horses actor John Challis is “fed up” that people keep mistaking his character in the sitcom, Boycie, with another, Trigger, according to the front page on the Daily Star. The tabloid reports fans keep asking that he repeat the catchphrase: “All right, Dave?”

The Sun leads on its interview with Donald Trump, in which he praises Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership contest, saying he thinks he would do a very good job.

Mr Trump also tells the paper other contenders asked for his support, although he would not provide names. His support for any candidate would be a “great endorsement”, he told the paper.

During the interview, Mr Trump again wades into the Brexit debate, saying the UK allowed the EU to have all the cards during the negotiations.

For its main story, the Times says senior White House officials are preparing the ground for Mr Trump to meet Mr Johnson during his visit.

According to the paper, British officials were asked whether it would be problematic for the president to see Mr Johnson, and his team was told that Number 10 was relaxed about any engagements that took place during Mr Trump’s free time away from the official programme.

The paper adds that further speculation has surrounded a potential meeting with the Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage.

However, the Daily Express reports Downing Street is trying to stop Mr Farage from seeing Mr Trump.

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Mr Farage tells the paper: “The president’s entourage have been told by Number 10 that he’s not to meet me.”

A Whitehall source tells the paper: “Downing Street are doing their utmost to avoid the two meeting, though of course the decision rests with Donald Trump.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid, writes in the Daily Mail that – if he became Prime Minister – he would be prepared to take Britain out of the EU without a deal if he cannot win concessions from Brussels.

In his article, he rules out another referendum, an early general election or revoking Article 50, arguing “voters have been asked their opinion more than enough times”.

The charges of misdemeanour assault in the US against the retail tycoon, Sir Philip Green, make the lead for the Daily Telegraph, the Mail and the Mirror. He has strongly denied allegations that he touched a female fitness instructor inappropriately while staying at a luxury resort in Arizona.

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The Daily Mail says the charges are not serious enough to extradite him to the US. But the Daily Telegraph says that, if convicted, he could be barred from travelling to the US, where he owns a number of stores.

For many papers, it’s “Super Saturday” – what the Sun calls the best day of sport in a long time.

Apart from the Champions League, there are two games in the Cricket World Cup, the Derby at Epsom, the Premiership rugby final and Anthony Joshua’s world heavyweight title fight.

According to the Guardian, sports fans drinking alcohol, ordering takeaways and firing up their barbecues are set to provide pubs, supermarkets and off-licences with a multi-million pound boost.

For a few hours – the Mirror says – we can put aside out worries, ignore the chaos at Westminster and stop arguing over Brexit: the rivalries that matter will be on the pitch and in the ring.

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